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Source: Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2020-07-06

Shenzhen International Low Carbon Town

Located in Pingdi Subdistrict, Shenzhen International Low Carbon Town is the flagship project of China-Europe Cooperation in Sustainable Urbanization. It is also the first sample of low carbon development in China. The China-Europe Future City in the northeast of the Low Carbon Town was awarded the title of “Exemplary EU-China Urban Cooperation Zone” by the National Development and Reform Commission. The project will introduce European high-tech industrial clusters into the district, including sustainable urbanization parks, life science parks and industry 4.0 and production centers. With the annual International Low Carbon City Forum held here, it is gradually growing into the future ecological city of Shenzhen. A number of major projects have been settled in here, such as the National Space Ecology Technology Research Center, China-US Low Carbon Building and Community Innovation Experimental Center, the Distributed Energy Resources Center, China-Dutch environmental protection power plant, etc.

At present, the International Low Carbon City Convention and Exhibition Center and surrounding plazas, gardens and viewing platforms have been gradually opened to the public. The newly renovated Dingshan River with clear water and green banks has become a beautiful landscape in the low carbon city.