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Source: Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2020-08-06

Hehu New Residence

Hakkas Folk Customs Museum, also known as Hehu New Residence, in Longgang District, is the largest grouping of Hakka residential architecture in the country. Located in Luoruihe Village in downtown Longgang Subdistrict, the village covers an area of 27,890 square meters. It has 179 homes and each home has one to three rooms. The village is surrounded by walls and the front gate is magnificent.

It is said that the area used to have great water resources and large grasslands which are ideal for cranes to rest and live, so it was called “Crane Lake” by the locals.

The village was built by the Luo’s, originated from Fujian Province, around 1817. The family was well-known for doing business and has made fortunes all over the world.

Add: 1 Luoruihe Street North, Nanlian Community, Longgang Subdistrict, Longgang District (龙登录龙岗官网南联社区罗瑞合北街1号)

Metro: Line 3 to Nanlian Station (南联站), Exit B