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Source: Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2020-10-06

Dafen Oil Painting Village

The Dafen Oil Painting Village is a cultural tourist attraction integrating oil painting creation, production, trading and sightseeing. In 1989, Hong Kong painter Huang Jiang came to Dafen and rent a house to recruit students and painters to create, copy, collect and resell oil paintings, thus bringing the special industry of oil painting into Dafen Village. Later, more and more painters came to Dafen Village, focusing on original oil paintings and reproduction of art works. They also operate Chinese painting, calligraphy, crafts, sculptures, pigments and other supporting industries. After years of development, Dafen Oil Painting Village has become a world-famous “Chinese Oil Painting Village,” a national “Cultural Industry Demonstration Base,” and a “Most Beautiful Village” in Guangdong.