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Business Environment

Source:Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2020-09-16

Geographical Location

Longgang District is located in the northeast of Shenzhen City, neighboring Pingshan District in the east, Luohu and Yantian Districts in the south, Bao’an and Longhua Districts in the west and Huizhou and Dongguan cities in the north.

From Longgang one can reach Shenzhen International Airport, ports and checkpoints within 40 minutes. 91 percent of the areas in the district have been covered by bus stops and every two stops are only less than 500 meters apart. The convenient transportation system significantly reduces logistics cost.

Occupying 38,821 square kilometers, Longgang has a population of 4.7 million. There are 11 sub-districts in Longgang including Pinghu, Buji, Jihua, Bantian, Nanwan, Henggang, Yuanshan, Longgang, Longcheng, Baolong and Pingdi , with 111 communities.

Economic development

Longgang District is an important base for high-tech, advanced manufacturing, logistics and financial industries of Shenzhen. In 2019, the regional GDP was 468.578 billion yuan, ranking second in the city, up 8.1 percent from the previous year. The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 10.3 percent to reach 288.862 billion yuan. The total fixed assets investment was 132.135 billion yuan, with an increase of 17.6 percent. The total consumer goods retail sales reached 82.124 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.8 percent. The general public budget revenue was 24.24 billion yuan, down by 4.8 percent. The total import and export volume increased to 372.818 billion yuan, up 1.4 percent.

Longgang's business environment is being comprehensively improved. Measures were launched to support the development of private enterprises. Over 20 million yuan of utility fees were returned to companies that took action against illegal behaviors in the use of industrial buildings.

A financial service platform was launched with loans totaling 25 million yuan offered to small and medium-sized enterprises. The first training base for AEO Senior Certification in China was put into use in Longgang.

The reform on government review and approval was further improved. In total, 114 government services are available for swift approval in seconds.


An industrial system dominated by the primary industry and featuring rapid development of the tertiary industry has taken shape in Longgang. More than 60% of enterprises in Longgang have been matched with local services, of which 90% of enterprises in electronic information industry have been supported by local services. A group of enterprises with core competitiveness have continued to grow and the industrial agglomeration effect is obvious.

Huawei in Longgang


Longgang leads the industrial development with innovation, and has formed a regional innovation system which is market-oriented, enterprise-oriented, talent-centered, innovation platform-based and is characterized by the combination of industry-university-research and expansion at home and abroad. The independent innovation capability has continued to improve. The output value of high-tech industries above designated size accounted for an increase in the proportion of total output value above designated size. The number of patent applications and authorizations has been among the top in the city for many years. The district has been awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Advanced District, the National Science and Technology Progress Demonstration Zone and the National Science Popularization Demonstration Zone, and will become the future independent innovation leading zone in Shenzhen.

Cost of Labor

Minimum wage for full-time employment workers: 2,200 yuan / month.

Minimum hourly wage for part-time employment workers: 20.3 yuan / hour.

(Source: Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)

Rents of factories and apartments

The land price of industrial projects in Longgang District is subject to the bidding and auction system, and the price is generally between 800 yuan and 1600 yuan per square meter. The land prices of standard factories built in all subdistricts and communities in the district vary depending on their locations, specific plans and other factors. The rent is generally 9-15 yuan per square meter. The Longgang District Incubation Center of Shenzhen Overseas Students Pioneering Park provides preferential factory rent for the settled enterprises. In the first year, the rent for 100 square meters of factory space is free, and for the rest is 6 yuan per square meter. Starting from the year, the price is 6 yuan per square meter. Rent of residential apartments is generally 8 to 18 yuan per square meter per month. Warehouse rent is generally 4 to 10 yuan per square meter.