Source: Longgang Government OnlineUpdated:2020-06-06

1. How is the weather in Longgang?

Longgang District has a warm, monsoon-influenced, humid subtropical climate. Winters are mild and relatively dry and frost is very rare. Early spring is the cloudiest time of year, and rainfall begins to dramatically increase in April; the rainy season lasts until late September to early October. The monsoon reaches its peak intensity in the summer months, when the city also experiences very humid and hot, but moderated, conditions.

2. How can companies in Shenzhen to recruit overseas students as interns?

For students coming from other countries, the employers must invite the students to come to China with an M visa. A legal stay permit along with a reference letter from the employer is required, along with information about the internship duration and evidence of pay below regular staff members.

3. Is there any English newspaper in Shenzhen?

The Shenzhen Daily, with its office in Futian District, publishes Monday to Friday and provides daily news, features and life information. The paper costs one yuan for each issue and is available at most newsstands in the city. It can be subscribed for 240 yuan a year. Call 969766 for subscription.

4. How can I rent an apartment in Longgang District?

A foreigner may find an apartment in Longgang District through a real estate intermediary.

You should avoid renting a house or apartment if any of the following apply:

(1) There is no certificate of ownership;

(2) The house is sealed up by ruling or decisions of judicial or administrative organs or housing and land rights are restricted in other ways by these organs;

(3) The house is jointly owned and consent of one or more joint owners is lacking;

(4) Ownership is disputed;

(5) The building is illegal;

(6) The house does not meet safety standards;

(7) The house is mortgaged and consent of the mortgagee has not been obtained;

(8) The house fails to meet requirements set by public security, environmental protection, health or other competent authorities;

(9) The house may not be rented according to other laws, regulations and rules.